Hello my friends and welcome again at our's DYI blog Kalamondin Design.
After a long break made by winter and cold weather on our balcony, where we have a workshop, we come back with new simple things you may do by yourself.

I made one year ago wooden holiday signs for my mom. She travels a lot so I wanted to make something for her that will bring nice memories from escapes.
This time I will make something for myself, that will make positive feelings after coming home and look at our 4 walls☺

I think that live colors, positive words can change insides and make them more "happy".
Of course, I got two children so my home is very happy, but if you have a word "relax" on the wall you may subconsciously relax 😃

Holiday Signs Kalamondin Design

So let's go!
Things that you will need is only 4 boards and paints of colors that you like. If your boards are in poor condition like mine, you will need sandpaper and some chisel to remove a bark.
Boards for wooden signs

In the beginning, you need to prepare boards. Remove bark and treat by sandpaper to make smooth feeling. My boards are from palette so I had a lot of work to prepare them. But if you read our posts you know, that on Kalamondin Design we use a lot of palette boards. We try to reuse any kind of boards and do not throw out any part of the wood.

Bark from boards

Clean boards  for wooden signs
When the boards are clean you may paint it for the first time. If you want you may paint them only once for color that you want to have your holiday signs. I decided to make an antiqued effect so I paint it for three times. In the beginning, I used a Teak mordant.

First painting of wooden signs
I usually like when the wood is visible, but this time I used paints that cover a wood structure. This time I need it. I used orange color ( I painted it three times, at first teak than red and at the end yellow):

Orange board of Holiday signs
Green color:

Green board of Holiday signs
Blue color:

Blue board of Holiday signs
And white color:

White board of Holiday signs
As you may see teak color is a little bit visible because I used a sandpaper to remove color from some places. Also that I was painting by old and tough brush, that's why you may see a different structure of colors.
I like that effect so I think that this is not the last one thing I painted this way.

At the end, you just need to think about words that will make you positive, relax and bring nice feelings. I decided for "Water", "Sun", "Beach" and "Relax".
It brings me memories of holidays I've spent on sunny beaches, relaxing and have a good time.

Please remember, this is only my proposition 😁 If for you relaxing words will be "IT", "Work", or "Making $$$" - boldly, it is for you!

Finally effect below, I've done wholes for twine, but it may just stand on desk or commode.
Yes, I know that my paintings look like made by first school class children, but I like it 😉

Kalamondin Design  DIY Wooden Holiday Signs

I have hope that you will try to make your own DIY Wooden Holiday Signs that will bring to you beautiful memories. It is simple to do and very good looking at the wall, no matter how low or high your painting skills are.

Thank you very much for spending time with Kalamondin Design. It is pleasure to write for you and maybe you will try to do it.
If yes please share with me about it at comments, I will be very happy. If you like it please subscribe our DIY blog Kalamondin Design and share with your friends!!! 😁

Thank you again, have a good day, and greethings!! 
Remember, if you like it - it is good 😃

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