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DIY nursing sling/ Jak uszyć chustę do karmienia?

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Little house made of wood white green

Hello, my friend, I am so happy to see you on my DIY blog Kalamondin Design. If you like what you see subscribe my blog and share about those little houses with your friends! I'll be so happy to hear your feedback! But let's take a look how you may do a little house like this.

     A the beginning you need to find a wood scrap which will be good for your idea. I got a lot of wood scrap like this one because during palette demolition some boards gonna broke. This is half of board as you may see with bark. I always remove bark but soon I'll try to do a little house with a bark roof. But not today 😉

     I removed the bark and use sandpaper 100 to polished all sides of wood, next I used sandpaper 220 to finish the polishing. I did that before cutting because the second part of wood I will use later to make another little house. 

     I cut the wood into two parts to make smaller house than before ( no. 2 and no. 3 ). This one will be similar to little house no. 1
     I po…

Little house made of wood scrap

Hello, my friend! I'm happy to see you here again, let's take a look how I made another little house! If you like my blog DIY Kalamondin Design please subscribe it!

     Here you have a piece of wood scrap which I used. As you may see it is again a piece of wood with bark so I used a chisel to remove it as before in Little house no 2 and Little house no 1. The method of doing it is almost the same. The only difference is the shape and used colors. This time wood is asymmetric which was a little problem for me to invent what kind of building it might be.

     This time to paint a wood scrap I used an ebony mordant. I like it because this is rare kind of wood and I usually use white or gray colors. Ebony mordant also gives to wood an old look. To paint "an elevation" I used white color. Black and white looks nice isn't it?

     I painted it two times with white acrylic paint. I didn't paint it as usual, along with the jars. I was "taping". You may se…

Little house made of wood scrap yellow

Hi! If you are again here I suppose that you like my things 👏 If it's so please subscribe my blog DIY Kalamondin Design,  share my posts and leave me feedback 👇😈

As you can see I've made another wood little house from scrap I had. I was writing in the previous post that I got a lot of wood scrap so things like this will be here very often. I decided to use this wood scrap because the shape was ideal for little house, I was doing it in the evening and I didn't want to be loud because of using the saw.  I got scale in centimeters on my workbench so you may see how "big" is that house. About 10 cm long and 6 cm high. Quite big :) But that was an idea, to give me a chance to make a lot of small things from my scrap. My first little house was teak color, I decided to use another mordant which I have and don't use very often - wenge. It's darker so when I was polishing by sandpaper it gives stronger effect, but I'm happy with that. It looks like it woul…