Hello my friends and welcome again at our's DYI blog Kalamondin Design.
After a long break made by winter and cold weather on our balcony, where we have a workshop, we come back with new simple things you may do by yourself.

I made one year ago wooden holiday signs for my mom. She travels a lot so I wanted to make something for her that will bring nice memories from escapes.
This time I will make something for myself, that will make positive feelings after coming home and look at our 4 walls☺

I think that live colors, positive words can change insides and make them more "happy".
Of course, I got two children so my home is very happy, but if you have a word "relax" on the wall you may subconsciously relax 馃槂

Holiday Signs Kalamondin Design

So let's go!
Things that you will need is only 4 boards and paints of colors that you like. If your boards are in poor condition like mine, you will need sandpaper and some chisel to remove a bark.
Boards for wooden signs

In the beginning, you need to prepare boards. Remove bark and treat by sandpaper to make smooth feeling. My boards are from palette so I had a lot of work to prepare them. But if you read our posts you know, that on Kalamondin Design we use a lot of palette boards. We try to reuse any kind of boards and do not throw out any part of the wood.

Bark from boards

Clean boards  for wooden signs
When the boards are clean you may paint it for the first time. If you want you may paint them only once for color that you want to have your holiday signs. I decided to make an antiqued effect so I paint it for three times. In the beginning, I used a Teak mordant.

First painting of wooden signs
I usually like when the wood is visible, but this time I used paints that cover a wood structure. This time I need it. I used orange color ( I painted it three times, at first teak than red and at the end yellow):

Orange board of Holiday signs
Green color:

Green board of Holiday signs
Blue color:

Blue board of Holiday signs
And white color:

White board of Holiday signs
As you may see teak color is a little bit visible because I used a sandpaper to remove color from some places. Also that I was painting by old and tough brush, that's why you may see a different structure of colors.
I like that effect so I think that this is not the last one thing I painted this way.

At the end, you just need to think about words that will make you positive, relax and bring nice feelings. I decided for "Water", "Sun", "Beach" and "Relax".
It brings me memories of holidays I've spent on sunny beaches, relaxing and have a good time.

Please remember, this is only my proposition 馃榿 If for you relaxing words will be "IT", "Work", or "Making $$$" - boldly, it is for you!

Finally effect below, I've done wholes for twine, but it may just stand on desk or commode.
Yes, I know that my paintings look like made by first school class children, but I like it 馃槈

Kalamondin Design  DIY Wooden Holiday Signs

I have hope that you will try to make your own DIY Wooden Holiday Signs that will bring to you beautiful memories. It is simple to do and very good looking at the wall, no matter how low or high your painting skills are.

Thank you very much for spending time with Kalamondin Design. It is pleasure to write for you and maybe you will try to do it.
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Thank you again, have a good day, and greethings!! 
Remember, if you like it - it is good 馃槂

DIY Photo Stand/ jak zrobi膰 stojak na zdj臋cia

Hello, my friend, I am so happy to see you on my DIY blog Kalamondin Design. If you like what you see subscribe my blog and share.  I'll be so happy to hear your feedback! But let's take a look how you may do this stand for the photo.

Photo Stand Kalamondin Design
As you may see this is another simple thing at Kalamondin Design which you may DIY. To make it you will need only a piece of rope and scrap of wood. What about the size? This is your decision, it depends on that what kind of photos you want to put there and what piece of wood scraps you got. So I will not speak about the size.

Photo stand - wood
First, you need to polish your wood scrap to make it nice in touch. There suppose not to be any kind of splinters because I think that you will put some new pictures there from time to time.
At the beginning, I used sandpaper 120 next 220. I wanted to make it smooth because I got new wax and I wanted to use it, so I was making it with a cotton cloth.

Painted wood scrap
I painted this two times with rustic oak mordant. I used this mordant for the first time at Kalamondin and I was very interesting of the final look. It looks nice, but the best part starts now馃榿 I used a special wax for this kind of mordant - Lieron rustic oak wax, also for the first time at Kalamondin. I waxed and polished twice.

Waxed wood - kalamondin
I think that it looks super馃榿 I like it a lot and I think that soon I will make something else at Kalamondin with this mordant and wax. The most important thing is to polish wax about two hours after waxing. Then you may remove wax if you put too much and you got a very nice look. This part is the most time eater of the whole process. Of course, to make this photo stand you don't need use wax, you may use only, mordant, glaze or leave the raw wood. I had new things so I used it馃榿

At the end, it is time for rope. You just need to tie it to the wood and fix with hot glue, upholstery or tie at the bow馃榿

Kalamondin Design photo stand

Kalamondin Design photo stand

Kalamondin Design photo stand
And the photo stand is finished. If I wouldn't use wax I think that work time is about 15 minutes馃榿
It got nice, original look and helps to show your photos at your interior.

I have hope that you like it. If YES please subscribe this blog Kalamondin Design and share. If you got some ideas for simple things for DIY leave as a comment, maybe I will try to do it.
Thank you for your time and maybe you will try to do photo stand like this?馃榿

Weirdiy set - Ninja

Hello my friends and welcome to our DIY blog Kalamondin Design!

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This time I think that this is my last figurine of Weirdiy set. I was looking for some wood scraps that I could use to do some new figurines, but I don't have any of them. Maybe in future, I will find some palette of wood that I could use to do it.
So this time it is Weirdiy Ninja. It is made at the backside of Weirdiy Geek.
The hairs of weirdiy ninja help to stand a weirdiy geek because as you may see this part of scrap is no straight. I thought that if I will put their nails I may use this side to make another sculpture.

Weirdiy - Ninja
As you may see the mouth and eye of weirdiy ninja are already done. The one thing I had to do is paint the eyeball and war colors. 

Weirdiy DIY
 At the beginning, I paint the wood scrap by teak mordant two times. I polished it with sandpaper 120 and paint again by teak mordant. Than my weirdiy ninja was almost done. at the and as I said before I paint eyeball and black war colors under the eye and my weirdiy ninja was ready.

Weirdiy Ninja
The hairs of weirdiy ninja are made to good stand of weirdiy geek
As you may see, under the war colors is a little bit of different mordant color. To be honest I don't know what is that. I suppose that there was some kind of glue when it was a palette, so the mordant didn't paint this part good. But in my opinion, it looks like some tears of weirdiy ninja. I didn't plan to make it, but it looks good so I don't care about it. It gives another natural and hard to copy effect, that makes this figurine one of a kind 馃榿

Weirdiy Kalamondin
My friends, if you like this weirdiy ninja sculpture please live me feedback, share it and subscribe our DIY blog Kalamondin Design. We are very happy that you are here and have hope that you enjoy this time. If you have any your own creations that you would like to talk about it leave it in a comment. 
This set of weirdiy figurines is from recycled wood and nails. If I wouldn't use it probably it would land in the trash. 
Maybe this is not the best art in the world, but I like it if you are here probably you like it, and this is the most important thing for me馃榿

Thank you for your time and see you soon!!!

DIY nursing sling/ Jak uszy膰 chust臋 do karmienia?

Chusta do karmienia - jak uszy膰
If u want to translate to your language, please use a translator located on right side :)

Uszy艂am chust臋 do karmienia, kt贸ra przydaje si臋 nie tylko po to aby dyskretnie karmi膰 dziecko, ale r贸wnie偶 wtedy gdy dziecko jest ciekawskie i ma ten etap, 偶e wszystko jest ciekawsze ni偶 jedzenie.
  • tkanina bawe艂anina oko艂o 70x90cm 
  • metalowe k贸艂ka, p贸艂k贸艂ka
  • fiszbina z metra ci臋ta 40cm 
  • nici, no偶yczki, maszyna itp. 
Krok 1.
Wycinamy z tkaniny prostok膮t o wymiarach oko艂o 60x90cm. Zostaje nam pasek o szeroko艣ci 10cm. Zszywamy ten pasek i wywijamy na praw膮 stron臋 - b臋dzie z niego zawieszka na szyj臋. 

Krok 2. 
G贸rny bok prostok膮ta obszywamy na zak艂adk臋, 偶eby powsta艂 oko艂o 1cm tunel - p贸藕niej wsuniemy w niego fiszbin臋. 

Krok 3. 
Postanowi艂am wszy膰 od wewn臋trznej strony kiesze艅, np. na smoczek lub wk艂adki. 
Krok 4. 
W rogach chusty wszywamy rogi z tetry - do wycierania buzi dziecka. Mo偶e to by膰 te偶 tkanna flanelowa. Wycinamy tr贸jk膮ty/kwadraty o boku oko艂o 20 - 25cm. Ja u偶y艂am kwadrat贸w, poniewa偶 tetra jest cienka a chcia艂am gdybsz膮 warstw臋, je艣li u偶yjemy flanelki tr贸jk膮t wystarczy. Cokolowiek wybierzemy wszywamy w oba dolne rogi chusty. 
Ja zrobi艂am jak na zdj臋ciu, najpierw przyszy艂am z艂o偶on膮 w tr贸jk膮t tetr贸wk臋, a potem jeszcze zawija艂am brzegi chusty aby 艂adnie wyko艅czy膰 - niestety przy zawijaniu brzeg贸w liczba wartw tkaniny jest gruba i maszyna ledwo mi to z艂apa艂a. Lepiej zawija膰 brzegi i wsun膮膰 rogi tak, aby si臋 trzyma艂o, ale nie by艂o 9 warstw jak u mnie:)

Krok 5. 
Wsun臋艂am fiszbin臋 w g贸rny tunel. Wy艣rodkowa艂am i przeszy艂am z obu stron aby fiszbina nie przesuwa艂a si臋 na boki. Dzi臋ki temu usztywnieniu b臋dziemy mie膰 dobry widok na dziecko, materia艂 nie b臋dzie si臋 za艂amywa艂. Dzi臋ki temu okienku r贸wnie偶 dziecko b臋dzie mie膰 dop艂yw powietrza i widok na mam臋. 

Krok 6. 
Szyjemy zawieszk臋 na szyj臋. Tu jak kto woli i co kto ma. Ja akurat mia艂am takie metalowe elementy, chcia艂a wypr贸bowa膰 i jako艣 uda艂o mi si臋 zszy膰 to w ca艂o艣膰:) Niestety nie przytocz臋 jak to robi艂am bo juz nie pami臋tam:( Dzieki temu d艂ugo艣膰 paska jest regulowana ale mo偶emy od razu wymierzy膰 potrzebn膮 d艂ugo艣膰 i wszy膰 tu偶 przy brzegach fiszbiny. 

Chusta gotowa:) 
Chusta do karmienia - jak uszy膰?

Chusta do karmienia - jak uszy膰? 

Little house made of wood white green

DIY wood and nails

 Hello, my friend, I am so happy to see you on my DIY blog Kalamondin Design. If you like what you see subscribe my blog and share about those little houses with your friends! I'll be so happy to hear your feedback! But let's take a look how you may do a little house like this.

Wood Scrap
     A the beginning you need to find a wood scrap which will be good for your idea. I got a lot of wood scrap like this one because during palette demolition some boards gonna broke. This is half of board as you may see with bark. I always remove bark but soon I'll try to do a little house with a bark roof. But not today 馃槈

Wood scrap after cleaning
     I removed the bark and use sandpaper 100 to polished all sides of wood, next I used sandpaper 220 to finish the polishing. I did that before cutting because the second part of wood I will use later to make another little house. 

Wood scrap after cut
     I cut the wood into two parts to make smaller house than before ( no. 2 and no. 3 ). This one will be similar to little house no. 1

Wood scrap after polishing
     I polished wood once again by sandpaper 220 and now it is ready to base paint.

Wood scrap after painting
     As you may see I used a teak mordant to paint wood. After I made the first little house I was using ebony mordant and wenge. I think that Teak is much better because the wood looks more natural. It is bright and look fresh - I like it a lot 馃槅

Little house after painting
     I made blue windows by brush 6. As you may see this time I didn't mark the places for frames. I decided that without marking a little house will look more folk and truly handmade. I'm not saying that marking places for windows frames on little houses are bad. It just looks different, it's another effect. I think that in future I will make windows with marking but now I'm trying to find ways to make different effects. I am learning.

Little house after sandpapering
     I made green doors. For the first time, I used this color. What do you think about it? I think that this color is fabulous! After this step, I decided that my next little house will be some kind of seaside house. I love this color! Of course, after painting, I had to polish it by sandpaper to give an effect of older. At first, I used sandpaper 100, next 220.
Little house no. 4

Little house
     Last but not least, I put nails for the chimneys onto a roof and lamp up to the doors. My first little house has only one chimney so I decided this time to make two of them. I'm trying to make new things and change something from time to time. Unfortunately, I couldn't find nails with a lot of rust (but now I'm trying to make rust on nails by myself 馃槇)If it will look bad so what? 馃槈 I've made it from wood scrap so I didn't pay for it 馃槣

Little house left side
     This is how a little house no. 4 finally looks. I am happy with it. It looks "fresh and funky".

Little house by Kalamondin Design

Little house

Little house by KalamondinDesign
     Thank you for your time, my friend! If you like what I'm doing, please subscribe my blog and share my posts. Please try to do something by your hands, it is really nice fun!