DIY Photo Stand/ jak zrobić stojak na zdjęcia

Hello, my friend, I am so happy to see you on my DIY blog Kalamondin Design. If you like what you see subscribe my blog and share.  I'll be so happy to hear your feedback! But let's take a look how you may do this stand for the photo.

Photo Stand Kalamondin Design
As you may see this is another simple thing at Kalamondin Design which you may DIY. To make it you will need only a piece of rope and scrap of wood. What about the size? This is your decision, it depends on that what kind of photos you want to put there and what piece of wood scraps you got. So I will not speak about the size.

Photo stand - wood
First, you need to polish your wood scrap to make it nice in touch. There suppose not to be any kind of splinters because I think that you will put some new pictures there from time to time.
At the beginning, I used sandpaper 120 next 220. I wanted to make it smooth because I got new wax and I wanted to use it, so I was making it with a cotton cloth.

Painted wood scrap
I painted this two times with rustic oak mordant. I used this mordant for the first time at Kalamondin and I was very interesting of the final look. It looks nice, but the best part starts now😁 I used a special wax for this kind of mordant - Lieron rustic oak wax, also for the first time at Kalamondin. I waxed and polished twice.

Waxed wood - kalamondin
I think that it looks super😁 I like it a lot and I think that soon I will make something else at Kalamondin with this mordant and wax. The most important thing is to polish wax about two hours after waxing. Then you may remove wax if you put too much and you got a very nice look. This part is the most time eater of the whole process. Of course, to make this photo stand you don't need use wax, you may use only, mordant, glaze or leave the raw wood. I had new things so I used it😁

At the end, it is time for rope. You just need to tie it to the wood and fix with hot glue, upholstery or tie at the bow😁

Kalamondin Design photo stand

Kalamondin Design photo stand

Kalamondin Design photo stand
And the photo stand is finished. If I wouldn't use wax I think that work time is about 15 minutes😁
It got nice, original look and helps to show your photos at your interior.

I have hope that you like it. If YES please subscribe this blog Kalamondin Design and share. If you got some ideas for simple things for DIY leave as a comment, maybe I will try to do it.
Thank you for your time and maybe you will try to do photo stand like this?😁

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