Weirdiy set - Ninja

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This time I think that this is my last figurine of Weirdiy set. I was looking for some wood scraps that I could use to do some new figurines, but I don't have any of them. Maybe in future, I will find some palette of wood that I could use to do it.
So this time it is Weirdiy Ninja. It is made at the backside of Weirdiy Geek.
The hairs of weirdiy ninja help to stand a weirdiy geek because as you may see this part of scrap is no straight. I thought that if I will put their nails I may use this side to make another sculpture.

Weirdiy - Ninja
As you may see the mouth and eye of weirdiy ninja are already done. The one thing I had to do is paint the eyeball and war colors. 

Weirdiy DIY
 At the beginning, I paint the wood scrap by teak mordant two times. I polished it with sandpaper 120 and paint again by teak mordant. Than my weirdiy ninja was almost done. at the and as I said before I paint eyeball and black war colors under the eye and my weirdiy ninja was ready.

Weirdiy Ninja
The hairs of weirdiy ninja are made to good stand of weirdiy geek
As you may see, under the war colors is a little bit of different mordant color. To be honest I don't know what is that. I suppose that there was some kind of glue when it was a palette, so the mordant didn't paint this part good. But in my opinion, it looks like some tears of weirdiy ninja. I didn't plan to make it, but it looks good so I don't care about it. It gives another natural and hard to copy effect, that makes this figurine one of a kind 😁

Weirdiy Kalamondin
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This set of weirdiy figurines is from recycled wood and nails. If I wouldn't use it probably it would land in the trash. 
Maybe this is not the best art in the world, but I like it if you are here probably you like it, and this is the most important thing for me😁

Thank you for your time and see you soon!!!

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