Little house made of wood white green

DIY wood and nails

 Hello, my friend, I am so happy to see you on my DIY blog Kalamondin Design. If you like what you see subscribe my blog and share about those little houses with your friends! I'll be so happy to hear your feedback! But let's take a look how you may do a little house like this.

Wood Scrap
     A the beginning you need to find a wood scrap which will be good for your idea. I got a lot of wood scrap like this one because during palette demolition some boards gonna broke. This is half of board as you may see with bark. I always remove bark but soon I'll try to do a little house with a bark roof. But not today 😉

Wood scrap after cleaning
     I removed the bark and use sandpaper 100 to polished all sides of wood, next I used sandpaper 220 to finish the polishing. I did that before cutting because the second part of wood I will use later to make another little house. 

Wood scrap after cut
     I cut the wood into two parts to make smaller house than before ( no. 2 and no. 3 ). This one will be similar to little house no. 1

Wood scrap after polishing
     I polished wood once again by sandpaper 220 and now it is ready to base paint.

Wood scrap after painting
     As you may see I used a teak mordant to paint wood. After I made the first little house I was using ebony mordant and wenge. I think that Teak is much better because the wood looks more natural. It is bright and look fresh - I like it a lot 😆

Little house after painting
     I made blue windows by brush 6. As you may see this time I didn't mark the places for frames. I decided that without marking a little house will look more folk and truly handmade. I'm not saying that marking places for windows frames on little houses are bad. It just looks different, it's another effect. I think that in future I will make windows with marking but now I'm trying to find ways to make different effects. I am learning.

Little house after sandpapering
     I made green doors. For the first time, I used this color. What do you think about it? I think that this color is fabulous! After this step, I decided that my next little house will be some kind of seaside house. I love this color! Of course, after painting, I had to polish it by sandpaper to give an effect of older. At first, I used sandpaper 100, next 220.
Little house no. 4

Little house
     Last but not least, I put nails for the chimneys onto a roof and lamp up to the doors. My first little house has only one chimney so I decided this time to make two of them. I'm trying to make new things and change something from time to time. Unfortunately, I couldn't find nails with a lot of rust (but now I'm trying to make rust on nails by myself 😈)If it will look bad so what? 😉 I've made it from wood scrap so I didn't pay for it 😜

Little house left side
     This is how a little house no. 4 finally looks. I am happy with it. It looks "fresh and funky".

Little house by Kalamondin Design

Little house

Little house by KalamondinDesign
     Thank you for your time, my friend! If you like what I'm doing, please subscribe my blog and share my posts. Please try to do something by your hands, it is really nice fun!

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  1. What a great idea! I love this beautiful house! Thank you for the instructions, my friend. Have a great weekend!


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