Halloween set - bogey with arms

Halloween set - bogey with arms
Hello, my friends!! Welcome at my DIY blog Kalamondin Design! I'm so happy to see you here, I have hope that you will enjoy the time that you spend here and maybe you will inspire to do something by your own hands!

Halloween is coming so as I said in my first post-Halloween Set I decided to try to earn some money. I had few block from the palette that I cut, few square scraps so this will be my Halloween set.
I don't have a lot of pictures of my work, but to be honest I did not work too much.
The most important thing is to polish wood scrap because as I said they are from different things and I had few splinters during this work. So if I want to have "safe" Halloween decoration I had to polished this scrap a lot.
Block of wood
After polishing the worst thing - painting. To base paint, I used orange "Śniezka". I found in Castorama nice series of paints that I may use to paint wood. They have a lot of colors (you may see them in my other post- Wood Holidays signs )and have small cans. As you know I live in a flat so space for me is more than gold. At the beginning, I was buying big cans because they are cheaper - but I had four cans in my wardrobe and I had no space. Now I'm buying small cans so I may have a lot of colors 😅
One of them is orange. As you may see it fits Halloween perfectly. It's like the natural color of pumpkin.
After base color, it is time for the face. And once again, probably the kid from elementary school would paint it better, but my kid got only 3 years so she can't paint (besides rainbows and my face 😆)
But I've made something as you may see, for sure you may see that this is handmade😂

Block with face
At the end, it's time for nils. My Halloween set supposed to be spooky, but it is not. I think that it is funny but Halloween is for fun and for kids so I think that maybe some kid will buy it😉

Halloween set - bogey with arms

Kalamondin Design

Halloween set - bogey with arms

Halloween set - bogey with arms

Kalamondin Design Halloween set
Simple DIY on Kalamondin Design that you may do at your home. You don't need to use nails, you may do this Halloween decoration only from wood scrap. I had a lot of fun during doing it and project how to paint the face, how to locate nails.

I have hope that you like my Halloween set and you enjoy time spent at Kalamondin Design.
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Have a spooky Halloween and see you soon my friends!

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