Wooden Halloween stand/ drewniana dekoracja na Halloween

Wooden Halloween stand - Kalamondin
Hello and welcome to our DIY blog Kalamondin Design!
I am very happy that you are here and you are an interest of things we are doing.

Halloween is coming so I decided to try to earn some money at the decorations. Sounds easy but I have never before made Halloween decorations so this is my first year. Do you have any ideas of simple, wooden DIY decorations for Halloween? If yes please leave me to comment on it, maybe I will try to do it.

But this was my first idea. I have a lot of wood scraps if you know my second blog DIY Wood And Nails that you know it. I wanted to use them because it is great opportunity to clean my "workshop".

I think that this idea is simple as possible. Five pieces of wood scrap. Four of them I will use as figurines and one to connect them.

Wooden scrap - Kalamondin
As you may see I used orange paint, green ( acacia), white and ebony.

a piece of wood - Kalamondin
I used the ebony mordant to paint the wood scrap that I used to connect the figurines.
But I had ebony "bogey" so I had to change it a little bit. To make it I used acacia mordant as you may see at the bottom.

a piece of wood - Kalamondin
If you remember I was painting like this my wooden flower pot and a wooden flower pot for succulents. I love the effect. It looks like old wood with a little bit of moss.

a painted piece of wood - Kalamondin
A lot of fun with this DIY Halloween project. Faces and eyes, I like the most the white ghost. As I said I have never before doing Halloween spooky figurines. Five wood scrap less on my balcony. Nice decoration for sale is ready.
Oh, I used altho eight nails to connect the wood scraps 😁

Wooden Halloween stand - Kalamondin
So what do you think about my first DIY Halloween decoration? Do you think that anyone will buy it? 😁 I have hope so I'm trying to earn some money for a new tablet for my kid😋 I think that I will use some more my wood scraps to make Halloween decorations like this. If no one will buy it I will try to sell them in next year. Halloween is not so popular here as in the USA so it might not be so easy.

Wooden Halloween stand - Kalamondin
This is a short post because there was no a lot of work and I think that I don't need to explain what I was doing step by step.
Thank you for your time. I have hope that you like my first Halloween DIY project. Please leave me feedback with your ideas.

Have a nice day and spooky Halloween!!!

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