Little house made of wood scrap - white

     My wife often says to me " Why you keep this scrap on the balcony, you suppose to throw it out, you don't need this, you will do nothing with it." The truth is that I don't like to throw things away, especially if I think that I can use something. Also, the truth is that I have a lot of wood scrap after palette disassemble and I was doing nothing with it. My wife motivates me so I decided to look what I got there and try to do something with it.

     The Internet is full of creative ideas for everything. I started to look for something on Pinterest and then I found that... A Little house made of wood. My first thought was - this is weird, a waste of time, more painting than woodworking. But I saw one little house, second little house, third little house, little house under the sea, boats etc. I looked at my wood scrap and I thought - damn, my wood scrap fits perfect to do things like that. And you know what? I made my first little house, and damn I'm proud of it :D I didn't expect that it will be so much woodwork. And the pleasant woodwork because without electrical tools. A lot of cleaning by sandpaper, using a chisel to align the surface, even after painting I was using the sandpaper to make it older,  so it was not so bad. I like to do things like precise cleaning by sandpaper, it learns patience and perseverance to strive for perfection. You can sit down and focus on only one thing. You may forget about the stressful day, incidents on the production environment (I'm IT manager) or audit. There is just piece of wood and you :)

     But back to the topic. As I said I don't like to throw things away so I decided to make a little house like I have found. I chose one piece of wood scrap which was ok for me and I think that this is a good idea to show at Kalamondin Design.

Here you can see before and after piece of wood scrap living time :)

Wood scrap before, little house after
     At the beginning, as I said before, was work with sandpaper and chisel. At first, I aligned the piece of wood. Inch by inch to make it soft as it's possible because my daughter like to play with things I made. As you see the wood scrap have house shape so I didn't have to create it. Just make it soft.

Wood scrap designed for little house

     After sandpapering was time to paint. This is element about I was afraid.  To be honest I can't paint. I don't know how to do it and I have never got skills to do it. I have hope that soon my kids will do it for me ;) But now I had to. maybe I will learn with some time and also in this example it was no difficulty.
1. all of the surface o little house I painted with base - teak color.
2. I painted the front of the little house by white acrylic color two times, to have a good cover of teak. As you can see I left the roof.

Based painted wood scrap
     When the paint was dry I start to mark places for windows of the little house. I cut the painting tape for small pieces and stick to the wood.

Little house with marked places for windows

     To do this I used blue acrylic paint. As you can see there are red doors. I saw an idea like this on Pinterest and I thought that it will look fresher if there will be doors instead of another window.

Finally painted little house

Nails for chimney

     I wanted to make two chimneys, but after make first of them I decided to leave it like this. I made it of old nails which I had from the palette. To make a nice effect of the little house I chose with a lot of rust.
     I drilled a small hole in the roof of the little house and I stuck a nail with the rubber hammer. As you may read in the card about us my workbench is on the balcony and it was 11 pm so I tried to be quiet.

Little house made of wood scrap
     As you can see the effect I quite nice, the little house looks good on my shelf with wooden figurines. I think that it will be not the only one little house in my portfolio because I got a lot of scraps;P
Little house - Kalamondin
     I recommend to you use your wood scrap and do something with it. Don't throw it away, it may be a creative challenge for your brain to do something, not necessarily a little house :)

Little house made of wood
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The little house Kalamondin

Have a nice day in yours have hope not little houses ;)

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