WEIRDIY set - face

     Welcome at my DIY blog Kalamondin Design!  Be my guest and subscribe my blog with things I'm making by wood scrap! Please give me feedback in comments are those things are bad or maybe you like it? This time I will present figurine from a set I called WEIRDIY.

Wood scrap
      As you may see this wood scrap got almost finished face. You don't see it? At the top of wood is one eye. At the center of scrap are two holes which may be a nose. On the right side, under a nose is a mouth. Yes, maybe this is not a perfect face, but for my surreal weirdiy set it is OK 😆 I decided to make this set because I got a lot of different wood scraps and I wanted to find some theme. If you are my subscriber you know, that on this blog I got little houses. I didn't want to be monothematic so I created this set - WEIRDIY's 😅

Wood scrap after sandpaper
      A the beginning of work I polished wood by sandpaper 100 and after that 220. The mouth was not very visible so I was working with sandpaper on it to make it bigger but still look natural. To be honest - if I'm changing some scrap I will tell you about that because I want to show you that there is a lot of things that you may do with a minimum work, it's just your imagination, sky is the limit 😏

Based painted wood scrap
      After based painted wood by teak glaze, I was polishing once again by sandpaper100 and 220. I painted wood only one time. As you may see it looks good.

Wood after sandpapering
     As you may see I polished teak paint from some places.  I like slippery corners and places where the paint is wiped. That's why almost all of my projects got wiped corners 😈 I decided to work a little with mouth to make it seen. At the same time, I didn't want to remove too much paint. What do you think, I suppose to remove it more or less?

Face with eye
      I didn't want to paint too much, just minimum. The wood is speaking for itself so I made only a blue eye. I think that this color looks very nice with teak glaze.

      As always at the end was time for nails. I had to use them because this blog is called wood and nails 😜 But to be honest I wanted to "create more"! I like those weirdiy things and I hate to finish my projects. I truly spend a lot of time watching those scraps and thinking what it may be. When I'm doing it I'm changing my imagines few times.




      As I said before, I am glad that you are here, I have hope that you like what I'm doing if it's so please subscribe my blog and share it with your friends. It is really pleasured to tell other peoples of things which I'm doing. If you will subscribe my blog I will feel that there is someone who likes it 😏

Take care and see you soon!!

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