Little house made of wood scrap - tenement

Little house before and after

     Welcome at my DIY blog DIY Kalamondin Design where are things from wood scrap I made at my balcony. If you like it - subscribe it! I will be very happy to tell you how I made my things😁

     I made this little house when I was on vacation with my wife and kids in my family home. That's why I don't have a lot of pictures from every step of making this little house this time. I was working from time to time and didn't remember of making pictures. Maybe because I'm just starting with my blogging 😁

     I took with me one block from the palette and few boards to clean. To make this little house I used one block and rest of boards that I used to make wood holiday signs at Kalamondin Design.
I had a lot of triangles so that was an idea to make of it a roof. As you may see until now I was doing little houses of one piece of wood. This time I couldn't do it so my choice was this way. I just wanted to do something 😁

Wood scrap
     At the beginning, I cut the palette block into 2 pieces. I was trying to match width to triangles but they are not one size. So I chose 4 with similar size and decided to make a kind of tenement. We have here a beautiful old town so it will be a little house from Warsaw😁

Litle tenement
     As I said I don't have a lot of pictures but I will tell you to step by step what I was doing with this little house. To paint block and triangles I used the teak glaze. I was not painting the front of little house. I used three new paints so I was afraid that teak glaze will change the color.
I'm putting a little of glue on one side of the triangles and I stick it to block.

Little tenement by Kalamondin Design
     At the end was the color painting of the little house. I used red, orange, green and blue acrylic paints. I didn't mark windows and doors of little house, I was just doing it "on eyes". Now I think that it would look better if  to make windows on blue part I would use dark blue not white, but it's too late 😁

Little tenement by Kalamondin Design
     At the end, I polished everything by sandpaper 120. As always I wanted to make a lot of scratches. I love the effect of sandpapering and made things older, so I'm doing it 😂

Little tenement by Kalamondin Design

Little tenement by Kalamondin Design

Little tenement by Kalamondin Design

Little tenement by Kalamondin Design

Little tenement by Kalamondin Design
     So what do you think about this little house? Do you think that it fits the rest of little houses at DIY Kalamondin Design? If you like it please subscribe my DIY blog Kalamondin Design and share of my posts.
     Take care and see you soon!

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