Little house made of wood scrap

Little house before and after

Hello, my friend! I'm happy to see you here again, let's take a look how I made another little house! If you like my blog DIY Kalamondin Design please subscribe it!

Wood Scrap
     Here you have a piece of wood scrap which I used. As you may see it is again a piece of wood with bark so I used a chisel to remove it as before in Little house no 2 and Little house no 1. The method of doing it is almost the same. The only difference is the shape and used colors. This time wood is asymmetric which was a little problem for me to invent what kind of building it might be.

Cleaning wood scrap

Based painted wood scrap
     This time to paint a wood scrap I used an ebony mordant. I like it because this is rare kind of wood and I usually use white or gray colors. Ebony mordant also gives to wood an old look. To paint "an elevation" I used white color. Black and white looks nice isn't it?

Painted wood scrap
     I painted it two times with white acrylic paint. I didn't paint it as usual, along with the jars. I was "taping". You may see on picture "Painted wood scrap" that there is a lamb structure.

Polished wood scrap
     After painting, I polished wood by sandpaper 220. Ebony mordant looks like it would be used and touched for many years. That is the effect which I like.

Marking wood scrap
As you may see the wood scrap is asymmetric so I had to think what kind of house I may do. I decided to do it in farm style. Kind of place for animals (right side) with utility room (left side). To mark places for windows I again used painting tape which I cut into small pieces.

Painting details of little house
     To make the windows I used gray color. I was thinking that the effect will be different 😆 Was a little insipid so I changed the windows to blue and make dark gray frames. It makes a better contrast and now it looks better.

Little house without chimney
     At the end of this project are chimneys. I didn't know to make one or more. I decided to two of them because as I said before it supposes to be a farmhouse so one chimney is for animal space and one for the utility room. I found in my nails one long with a lot of rust which I wanted to use. As you may see it is curved. I don't know what you think about it, but I like it a lot. I don't know why maybe because it gives a look of used, little messy.

Little house no. 3

Little house

Little house no.3

Little house no. 3
     I have hope that you like it and you spend here a nice time. If it's so please subscribe and share about what you found here my friend! Soon I'll present new little house from wood scrap so be alert, all the best and see you!!!

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