Little house made of wood scrap yellow

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Little house before and after

As you can see I've made another wood little house from scrap I had. I was writing in the previous post that I got a lot of wood scrap so things like this will be here very often. I decided to use this wood scrap because the shape was ideal for little house, I was doing it in the evening and I didn't want to be loud because of using the saw.  I got scale in centimeters on my workbench so you may see how "big" is that house. About 10 cm long and 6 cm high. Quite big :) But that was an idea, to give me a chance to make a lot of small things from my scrap. My first little house was teak color, I decided to use another mordant which I have and don't use very often - wenge. It's darker so when I was polishing by sandpaper it gives stronger effect, but I'm happy with that. It looks like it would have 50 years 😏

A piece of scrap

Scrap after the first remake

I again used the chisel to remove a bark. It's very effective way, I recommend it. I was wondering if do not leave the bark on this piece of wood but after my first little house I wanted to make something nice and does not experiment.

Wood after sandpaper

As usual, I polished wood very well to have a sure that my daughter will not hurt herself during play. Also, it looks better.

Wood after painting

You can see now wenge paint on wood, it looks very nice. It is only one covering that's why the wood texture is very easy to see. I love this effect and I hate when wood is fully covered by paint. I truly don't know why people paint wood by oil paints and cover the structure. If they don't want to see wood they suppose to use plastic or something else. Wood is beautiful so we suppose to show it as much as we can.

Wenge mordant

Little house after yellow paint

I got the plan to paint it on yellow but I was not sure if it will be looking good. I am not a professional painter and I don't have a designer eye to create in my mind how it will be looking after... But to be honest, in reality, it's not so bad ☺

Little house after polishing

You need to work on this project with sandpaper very often. I've polished the roof of the little house, but I've done it with the yellow paint too. The structure of wood after the painting is not velvet.I wanted to make it nice to touch and look slippery. That's why the polishing is so important. If you will use sandpaper to much you will remove paint from wood. I didn't want to do this, only in a few places so you need to plan where touch the wood stronger.

Marking places for windows

I cut the painting tape on small but long pieces and mark windows. I didn't mark the doors, I'm just making them on freestyle - a little madness 😆

Painting windows on little house

I used gray paint. I want to use different colors as often as possible so sometimes it might look a little creepy but whatever, maybe I will learn someday how to make my wood scrap nice and combine the colors.

Little house almost ready

I removed the painting tape so there were free spaces between the "windows". You may read upper than I got a problem with combining the colors. Now you can see it. I thought that it looks a little to fuzzily. So simple move - make frames of windows ☺So I made black frames and black doors. It was no to a good move. Because now the little house was too dark for me. Again change the color...

Little house finally painted

As you can see the doors and frames of windows are blue ☺Horray I made a decision and get final colors! And to be honest, I think that it was the toughest step in this project. Why? Because most of the peoples will not look how good is the wood polished, you will not feel that because you will not touch this wood. The colors are visible at the first moment so it is important to choose it well. I'm learning colors so maybe in future, you will see better creations.

Little house no. 2
The last but not least move is to make chimneys of the little house. I again used old nails the from the wooden palette. I drilled holes by drill size 2,5, then put the nails by rubber hammer. I didn't want to remove rust from nails so I decided to use the rubber hammer. I got one so why not, sometimes I need to use it 😝

Little house by KalamondinDesign

Oh I forgot, nail above the door it is a lamp 😆

Little house by KalamondinDesign

Little house by Little house by KalamondinDesign

Little house by KalamondinDesign

Little house by KalamondinDesign

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