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Wooden Whale
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    This time I'm gonna show to you how I made this cool whale. As you may see I had a ready piece of wood. I just had to think of what can I do. My first idea was some kind of wooden face, but I realized that it's gonna be creepy because of its "smile". My second thought was an animal. I didn't want to cut or remodel this piece of wood. I was thinking what kind of animal may have square form but was tough. Then I realized that it might be a surreal animal and I had a lot of ideas. Dogcatowlcow but I've been already doing it before. I wanted to make something new and that's why I decided to do a fish. It suppose to be a big fish so it's simple - whale :)

Wood scrap
     As you may see the wood scrap got mouth 😁 I wanted to use it and don't remove because it is a natural element and it would be a shame to change it. So I had the mouth and I suppose do make the rest of it. This project is extremely simple and creative. If you have a piece of old wood with some holes, imperfections please try to use it, not remove. It will look much better with natural elements. As you can see I didn't have to make mouth, it was already there 😃

Wood scrap after polishing
     As you may see I only polished the piece of wood by sandpaper. A the beginning 100, later 220. 

Painted wood scrap
     I suppose to paint it on blue color but I wanted to accent the wood. I like the teak color so I decided to paint it by teak glaze. I don't use it very often so I had occasion. As you may see I didn't paint "the teeth". I was afraid of destroying the rest of bark, also it has a similar color. 

Painted wood scrap
     I've made a white eye with a black dot. I know that it suppose to be different but as I said it's a surreal fish so it is ok for me 😉

Fish with eye
     At the end, I've made a tale of the whale. I used two long nails with rust from one of demolished palette. I was trying to form it a little bit but they are very hard, so I arched only one of them. I don't know if you see fish, but I do 😁

Wooden fish
     To be honest I'm very happy with this effect. I'm happy that I used a natural form of scrap I had, that the project is extremely simple, minimalistic, but for me impressive. 

Wooden Whale 

Fish from wooden scrap

Wooden fish by Kalamondin Design

Wooden Whale by Kalamondin Design

Wooden fish
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