Halloween set - bogey with legs

Halloween set - bogey with legs

Hello, my friends! Welcome at my DIY blog Kalamondin Design! I have Hope that you will like things which I'm doing with wood scrap and rusty nails.

Halloween is coming so I decided to try to earn some money on Halloween decorations. In Poland, Halloween is not so popular as in other countries in Europe or USA. But Warsaw is different than other cities. Here Halloween is more popular on every year so I will try to make some spooky Halloween decorations.

At the beginning, I found few pieces of square wood that I could use.
a block of wood

I polished the wood scrap to get a smooth effect and then I painted it with orange colors.
a colored block of wood

And now the worst part for me - precision painting. As I said before I got no paint skills so I had to look for some Halloween decorations to see how I can easily paint some spooky faces. I found it on Pinterest where I saw another Halloween decorations that I can make. But this time I'm using wood and nails so I will not talk about it. 

As you may see I made simple triangle eyes and nose and zigzag mouth. I' ll be honest that I was painting it for the first time! I have never before painted any Halloween decorations but as I said Halloween is not so popular here.
a block of wood with a face

As you may see my bogey is not perfect but it doesn't need to be. It supposes to be original, simple and have nice look as a decoration. To be honest, I like it so much that I'm thinking about not selling it 😅
Halloween set - bogey with legs

Halloween set - bogey with legs

Halloween set - bogey with legs

Kalamondin Design
I think that this is a very nice decoration that everyone may do and you don't need to use any powerful or expensive tools. I had a lot of fun when I was doing it, because from wood scrap you may get so nice thing. As I said maybe it is not perfect, but it is not from any factory and no one else got figurine like this. Halloween is coming so, please give me a comment what do you think about it and what kind of Halloween decorations you plan to make. 

Of course, if you like my Halloween set and this bogey with legs please subscribe my blog and share my creations. I'm so happy to see you here!! Have a nice day and have a SPOOKY Halloween!😅

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